Colleen Meissner

It’s tough to share who I am and what I’m about, without sharing my journey. Like you, my path to understanding and stepping into my dreams has been filled with victories and failures, mountains and valleys, joy and heartbreak, but in the end, it has produced a more humble and patient heart with a greater capacity to love well and dream big. My faith in the Lord is stronger and my life is now richer and more satisfying, even though not all my dreams and goals were accomplished or ended up the way I had thought they would. I’ll share more about my journey and the lessons learned in my blogs and videos, where I serve as a mentor and teacher rather than a Coach. If you’re interested, check out “Divine Thoughts.”  

Though I’m not a fan of listing my successes, it’s important to work with a Coach you trust, and for many (myself included), credentials and experience are an important part of building that trust. So, here goes…

I am a Board-Certified Life Coach (through CCE), I have two Master’s Degrees: A Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology (MA, MFT). Though I never took the route to being licensed as a therapist (another part of my journey), I spent 2 years in supervised clinical training. I have always had a heart to help others through what is sometimes referred to as “soul care” ministry. I have spent over 15 years coaching and mentoring women ages 15 to 50 and taught classes intended to help you heal “from the inside out.” I am also an author.

I wrote Through A Broken Heart: Finding Hope and Healing after a Breakup. This is a devotion rooted in scripture and aimed at helping you heal from the very real and often gut-wrenching heartache that accompanies a break-up. I was 42 when I married my amazing husband, which in all honesty, is a lot later in life than I had planned or hoped to marry. I fully get the scripture: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” It’s tough to balance a full and satisfying single life with the very real desire to be married. It gets even tougher as the years tick by and your options seem to be dwindling!

I have built a successful career as a financial analyst, a career I still have today. Having worked in office environments for over 30 years, I understand what it takes to be a leader in a corporate environment, the complexities of navigating office politics, the challenges of working with people you may not get along with, and the anxiety that often comes with the first big presentation to the “higher ups” or going for the promotion that you know you are perfect for.

Now as an entrepreneur, I also understand what it really means to step out of your comfort zone and to take risks. It has taken me over 5 years to tear down the mountains (it was an entire range!) standing between me and the purpose I was created for.

My journey now is less about me than it is about you: nothing gives me greater joy than when helping you discover all that God created you to be. It’s your turn!