Divine Thoughts is my favorite space on this site – it is where I get to take off my coaching hat and step into the role of teacher and mentor. It’s here were I get to share different thoughts, insights and lessons learned from my own journey and truly speak heart to heart with you.

I also love this space because I know that many cannot afford Coaching at this time, but would love to take steps toward their God given calling and purpose. It is my hope that the information shared through my videos and blogs will allow you to do that – whether you can hire me or not. My passion is to help as many people as I can – and I am thrilled you are here, even if we never have the opportunity to meet.



Hi Everyone, I’m Colleen Meissner with Divine Perspectives. I want to add my thoughts on fear to the conversations I am seeing on the subject. Fear has been one of


We are undoubtedly in uncertain and changing times. And I know there are many of you reading this that have been forced into a season you didn’t ask for. Maybe

What is a Coach?

The most obvious comparison is the athlete/coaching relationship. Regardless if a person plays in intermural or local sports, competes in the Olympics or plays a sport professionally, every athlete understands

Coaching or Therapy…?

First, before I get into “how” I coach, let’s talk about when you would hire me over a therapist. There is a lot of confusion out there, so let me