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Relationships by Design

Did you know you have at type? Not just the person you choose – but YOU have a type and that type influences how you do relationships in every area of your life: personal, family and career. Our types, if not understood can cause us to get stuck in the same dysfunctional and destructive patterns and leave you feeling discouraged and ready to give up! These same types, are rooted in your beliefs – do you know how you think when it comes to relationships?

Career by Design

Whether you’re in the job of your dreams but simply can’t get the promotion or dreaming of something different, understanding the limiting beliefs and changing your thoughts is key to rewriting your story. Learn to speak up in the meeting when you know you have the answer, go for the promotion even if it scares you. Set some goals and gain the skills needed to advance you toward not just another job but the career (or business) you imagined you’d always have.

Life by Design

You have a purpose, even if you don’t know what that is just yet. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the plans I have for you…” and Ephesians 2:10 says that we have been created for a purpose “prepared in advance” for us. Even if you don’t know what that purpose is right now, that’s Ok. Everything about you: your personality, your loves and hates, desires and dreams, all point to your God-given purpose. Together, we will work to discover your vision and create the road map that will lead you to the life you were designed to live.

Deeper by Design

Our triune God made you in his image which means in part that you are a triune being made up of body, soul and spirit. Spiritual mentoring and coaching will help you understand how your soul (thoughts, emotions and will) can contradict and limit your spiritual growth and relationship with Jesus. For those of you who are Christian, you have more than just your personal and God given spirit; you have the Holy Spirit inside of you. What exactly does that mean and how does that influence your life journey? Let’s find out!

Simple Steps to a Divine Life

Dream God-sized dreams
1. Take Courage!
Nothing will change until you first dare to have the courage to admit and recognize that change needs to happen. Beginning the journey is one of the bravest things you will ever do! It takes incredible courage to dream, to connect, to grow. Life happens outside of your comfort zone.
Dream God-sized dreams
Make the call and book the appointment
2. Have Faith!
The hardest step of faith is the first one; making the call and hiring a coach! There are a lot of reasons or dare I say, excuses for not making it. I have used them all. But why sell yourself and your dreams short? It takes courage to believe for more, but your faith is what activates and awakens your desires and dreams. Two is better than one ( – so why not call and we can walk together?
Make the call and book the appointment
Do the work
3. Find Your Grit & Commit!
To put it simply, grit is the determination and ability to keep going even when the journey gets difficult and you want to give up. The process of defining and committing to your dreams takes grit and perseverance. You will be held accountable to goals (set by you) and to homework that will move you forward in your journey. If you do the work, you will see the results.
Do the work
Learning to be your own Coach
4. Enjoy Your Divine Life!
Remember, you are on a journey that will motivate you, excite you and drive you forward throughout your life. There is no “finish line” for you, unless you choose to stop at “good enough.” I believe we should never rely on yesterday’s successes and so my hope is that even as you complete your goals, you will dare to dream new and bigger dreams in the future. If I’ve done my job right, you will be equipped to become your own coach as you continue in your journey.
Learning to be your own Coach