Week 6: Transformation Challenge

Keeping in our February theme of our role as the Bride of Christ and using Old Testament imagery from Ezekiel 16 (see week 5), here’s your challenge for the week:

Ezekiel 16:11

I gave you jewelry. I put bracelets on your wrists and a necklace around your neck.

QUESTION: Ask Him to show you what type of gemstones He has placed in your bracelets and necklace.

Taking it deeper:

Once He has shard the gem stones, ask Him to share what it reveals about His heart toward you.

Even deeper:

Close your eyes and see yourself now dressed in fine linen and shoes (week 5) and adorned with the bracelets and necklace.

Do you see yourself as His beloved Bride? Be honest.. is it easy to see?

Do you feel beautiful and cherished or does it make you feel a bit vulnerable (like it does me!)?

Let Him know how you feel and listen for His thoughts on the matter.

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