Week 7: Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to dig deeper into Ezekiel 16:10 – 13? This week’s challenge will focus on the second half of Ezekiel 16:13 and specifically the food that is given to you as His bride:

…Your food was flour, honey and olive oil.

Challenge Question:

Imagine yourself sitting at a banquet table. You are now dressed in the fine linen and leather shoes (Ezekiel 16:10, week 5) and wearing the earrings and bracelet he selected just for you (Ezekiel 16:11, week 6). Do you see yourself?

Now… look at the table and tell me what food do you see sitting before you? What has the Lord prepared just for you?

Taking it deeper: Ask the Lord what the food represents. It’s often helpful to do an internet search to see what biblical meaning the food may have.

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